Urban Meyer says there’s “no chance” he’ll be the head coach at USC

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When USC fired head coach Clay Helton earlier this week, there was immediate speculation that the university could target Jaguars head coach Urban Meyer to run its program.

But according to Meyer himself, USC should look elsewhere.

Meyer’s Wednesday press conference opened with a reporter offering the head coach the chance to shoot down the USC rumors, and Meyer elected to do so.

“There’s no chance,” Meyer said. “I’m here and committed to try to build an organization.”

Until Meyer becomes a consistent winner in the NFL — and maybe even past that point — Meyer’s name will be brought up whenever there’s a significant opening at the college level. He is one of the best collegiate coaches of all time, having won three national championships, three Big Ten titles, and a pair of SEC titles.

And while it’s appropriate to take Meyer at his word — particularly because it’s Sept. 15 of his first season — things could always change.

Just ask Nick Saban.

Source : https://news.google.com

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